Infidelity - Truth or Deception

Have you felt the warning signs that your partner or spouse is unfaithful?


There are no definitive signs to articulate if someone is unfaithful or why they chose to cheat. Strangely enough, even a harmless act, takes much thought and can create an impetuous devastation - ruining lives and relationships.

Are your inner alarms going off?

Infidelity can happen just about anywhere – the work place, the home, social media, the internet, texting, e-mail and even in chat rooms.

There are many forms of infidelity and oftentimes, it has nothing to do with sex.

Numerous contributing circumstances drive the forces towards one’s emotions. Emotional infidelity, in comparison to physical infidelity, can cause just as much and possibly more hurt, pain and anguish. If the unfaithfulness consists of physical and emotional betrayal, then the pain is multiplied.

Individual, Family & Domestic Investigation

Relationship Infidelity, Domestic Abuse, after Marriage Fraud, Alimony and/or Child Support Issues

Relationship infidelity is a terribly difficult ordeal, having piece of mind knowing the truth will allow you to move forward in your life.  Gateway Investigation Agency conducts discreet surveillance investigations providing you with the insight that you need. 

Missing Person/LOCATE


Do you have a "Missing Persons" case (please see the Policy Line 12)?  We will perform a series of searches and/or surveillance to obtain the whereabouts of the person. FOIP Laws apply.



Relationship Infidelity - Dating Concerns - Domestic Violence Issues - Divorce Controversy - Child Custody Issues - Maintenance Enforcement Issues - Current & Former Partner Activity Issues - Grand-parental Rights Issues - Child Care Issues - Bullying Issues - Children's Sports Issues - Teenager Issues - Elder Abuse Issues - Surveillance - Adoption Investigation - Genealogy Trace - Missing Person Locate - Document Serving

BlackIron Investigative Group - Private Investigators are well experienced in domestic issues, having conducted many operations to assist our clients.  Our staff is licensed and insured and we have the experience to get results in all situations! 

Family Issues - Divorce or relationship ending can be very difficult.  If you have an ex-spouse/mate that is disingenuous with settling matters, we can help obtain the information so that you are able to step forward. Whether you require assets searches or surveillance to unveil the activity truths, we can help.  Each case is unique - we will customize an investigation that suits your needs.

Teenager Activity Investigations - BlackIron Investigative Group - is ready to help if you are concerned that your teen is heading down the wrong path. It's is important to have a detailed observation of what is happening in your child’s life. We gather intelligence/information about your child, their associated persons, and their activities or lifestyle.  You will be able to determine the next steps from our investigations, to ensure the safety of your child, you relationship with them and to protect their future.



Are you adopted or have you given up a child for adoption? 


A birth parent might be looking for the child they relinquished to adoption many years ago. 


An adopted child might be trying to find his or her birth parents/siblings/family. 


A sister or brother could be in search of a sibling who was adopted into another family. 


Maybe an adoptive couple is looking for the birth mother and/or the father of the child they adopted due to health reasons, emotional support for the child, or other personal reasons. 


Looking for birth parent(s), sibling(s) or other family member(s)?  We can help you locate the individual(s).

These cases are often some of the most difficult, but also the most rewarding.


When the persons of interest are found, we will act as an intermediary to start the reunion if the parties are willing to unite.  We always hope for positive outcomes with the results but there are cases that do not turn out with the expected ending.  Safety is first and foremost for all parties involved.  FOIP laws compel us to maintain the privacy of persons, if the locate wishes to remain unknown, we must abide by the laws.


​This sometimes means the subject of the investigation doesn't want to be contacted at all, only wants limited communication, or needs some time to simply process the situation. Regardless, each case is handled with professionalism, empathy, and confidentiality.  We act as both investigator and intermediary for these cases.  Due to the emotional nature of these investigations, we have a very strict policy that we follow, only disclosing permissible information.

We offer several different types of DNA Testing to help ensure accuracy if needed.

The kindness, patience, and understanding you'll receive from us goes above and beyond. These kinds of investigations can be difficult -  with hesitancy, insecurity, disappointment, anger, frustration, anticipation, and the unknown.  It can be difficult to make the call to an investigator to inquire about any adoption-related matter.  We understands the sensitivity of your case and will guide you gently through the process, only going as far as you prefer.



BlackIron Investigative Group - offers a wide range of background checks and other searches to accommodate our client's needs. 


Why pay for a background check or other searches?  Online searches may not always be accurate but we deliver factual evidence giving you piece of mind that you will obtain accurate information.  Background checks and other searches are not limited to locale areas, we do international work as well.

Hiring Employees - Hiring Babysitter or Nanny - Divorce - Dating or Marrying - Criminal History - Adverse Media - Social Media - Plus much more.


Why have a background check or other searches done?

Obtaining a profile on an individual or an entity is smart business.  Background investigation can benefit and protect impending endeavours.

Online information is not always reliable.   Our background checks are extensive, accurate and factual.


Obtaining authentic information, assists our clients in decision making to protect their emotional, personal and business investments.


Results from background checks and other searches, gives you "piece of mind" that you've done your due diligence for your future.

In consideration of each case having it's own unique circumstances and character, one background check may provide you with the answer that you seek while others many require more extensive searches.  Each case is considered carefully and often does require continued investigation.


Background checks reveal information but not limited to:

Addresses and Phone Numbers - Past and Present - Aliases - Criminal Records - Bankruptcy Records - Corporate Directors & Shareholders - Domain Name & Ownership - Driving Record - Civil Judgments - Lawsuits - Military Background - Professional Licenses - Relatives - Genealogy - Sex Offender - Tax Liens - True Age - Vehicle Ownership - Property Ownership - Plus much much more.


Oil & Natural Gas Sector Investigation 

BlackIron Investigative Group - offers surveillance and incident investigation:

  • Alberta's Oil and Natural Gas Oilfield has suffered many sabotages.
  • WellSite incident investigations
  • Unethical Misconduct
  • Employee Misconduct
  • Employee and Employer Abuse
  • Corporate Theft & Fraud
  • Security Issues
  • Substance Abuse
  • Plus much more


Corporate & Workplace Investigation


Your business is too important to leave its future to chance.  You need to know everything is running smoothly and in today’s business realm, there is no room for errors.

BlackIron Investigative Group - offers undercover/covert operations to our clients in order to assess inefficiencies or suspicious activities in the work place.  We determine through our investigations, if there are instances of theft, embezzlement, substance abuse, sexual harassment or corporate espionage such as intellectual property theft.

Statistics show most of the large losses are caused by long-term, ongoing schemes cleverly hidden for years.  Theft of time and money, fraud, substance abuse, embezzlement, and inefficiency may be cutting away at your bottom line.  Is your business in the position that employee theft or business assets needs to be investigated?  Ever wanted to know, now you can. 


BlackIron Investigative Group - will provide checks, covert surveillance and reporting to provide your business with the information required to move forward. 

Employees could be:

  • Arriving late or leaving early.

  • Requesting paid sick days for inappropriate reasons.

  • Taking extended lunch hours and breaks.

  • Using company time to run another business or work for a competitor.

  • Handling personal affairs at work.

We identify and gather evidence of the offences to ensure appropriate action can be taken.  We understand that each case is unique and we will work with you to customize an investigative plan that best suits your organization’s needs.

BlackIron Investigative Group - offers a vast array of checks to accommodate clients and businesses.

Our clients request searches for many different reasons.  Clients either have had past connections or foresee future connections to an individual or an entity.  Concerns of character, integrity, credibility, or financial stability are only a few of the reasons why background checks are done.  

Our investigations offer a full range of services including:

  • Insurance Fraudulent Claims Investigation

  • Corporate Security & Fraud Investigation

  • Incorporation Check

  • Workplace Misconduct Investigation

  • Substance Abuse Investigation

  • Surveillance Investigation

  • Pre-Employment Check

  • Background Check

  • Criminal Check

  • Education, Employment, and Professional License Check

  • Civil Records Check

  • Adverse Social Media Searches

  • Plus more





Do you suspect your own employee of workers compensation fraud, a non-related workplace injury, perhaps a purposeful injury while at work, and want evidence for your insurance company, the court system, or to confront the employee personally?

Do you need to have a claimant or employee followed and/or documented for any reason? We are here to assist you?

Effective surveillance can help mitigate the exposure on even the toughest claims, and this is where BlackIron can help your business. We combine surveillance with our Private Investigators on the job observations, cameras and video camcorders, giving you the evidence required to confront or prosecute the alleged fraudster.

Contact Us for More Information on Insurance and Workers Compensation Fraud Surveillance

Every insurance fraud claim and workers compensation fraud cases are unique but with our experience in covert surveillance, we are here to help you.

Insurance fraud is any act committed with the intent to obtain a fraudulent outcome from an insurance process. This may occur when a claimant attempts to obtain some benefit or advantage to which they are not otherwise entitled, or when an insurer knowingly denies some benefit that is due.  False insurance claims are insurance claims filed with the intent to defraud an insurance provider.

Insurance fraud has existed since the beginning of insurance.  Fraudulent claims account for a significant portion of all claims received by insurers, and cost billions of dollars annually. Types of insurance fraud are diverse, and occur in all areas of insurance.  Insurance crimes also range in severity, from slightly exaggerating claims to deliberately causing accidents or damage.


Fraudulent activities affect the lives of innocent people and businesses, both directly through accidental or intentional injury or damage, and indirectly as these crimes cause insurance premiums to be higher.


Insurance fraud poses a significant problem, and governments and other organizations make efforts to deter such activities.

Image by Sean Benesh


Tenant & Landlord Background Checks - Tenant Credit Checks - Landlord Checks - Surveillance - Dispute Support

BAD TENANT?  Do you have a disingenuous tenant that shows signs of suspicious activity?  Covert surveillance will give you the answers you need and give you piece of mind.

BAD LANDLORD?  Reverse the roll of a bad tenant, there are bad landlords too.  Do you need to reveal that your landlord is breaking privacy laws or inadequate responsibility to accountability of the property?

BlackIron Investigative Group - offers discreet covert surveillance operations that we implement into your required investigation.  We collect the evidence that is required to prove inappropriate activity.  Oftentimes, surveillance is required to capture theft and vandalism of personal or business property.

A customized action plan will be launched to help you in the most cost effective way.  BlackIron Investigative Group can assist you with discreet covert surveillance to collect the evidence.  Call today and start your investigation.


Purchasing a new condominium? - Purchasing a preowned condominium? - Condo Board issues? - Management Issues? - Property Management Issues? - Dispute Issues?

Do you know your legal rights as a condominium owner?  Would you know what to do do if something went wrong with your condo?  Would you understand and know how to deal with the caretakers and the management company.  Do you know how to deal with cash calls.  What about the inspection of the building prior to your purchase.  So much more!


Purchasing a new condominium? - Purchasing a preowned condominium? - Condo Board issues? - Management Issues? - Property Management Issues? - Dispute Issues?

Do you know your legal rights as a condominium owner?  Would you know what to do do if something went wrong with your condo?  Would you understand and know how to deal with the caretakers and the management company?  Do you know how to deal with cash calls.  What about the inspection of the building prior to your purchase.  So much more!


Protect your investment property by having background checks done on potential tenants. Safety is always a secure investment.

Gateway Investigation Agency offers a vast array of checks to accommodate clients and businesses.

Our clients request searches for many different reasons.  Clients either have had past connections or foresee future connections to an individual or an entity.  Concerns of character, integrity, credibility, or financial stability are only a few of the reasons why background checks are done.   

Background Check - Criminal Check - Legal Document Processing - Pre-Employment Check - Education Check - Reference Check - Professional Check - Property Search - Corporate Searches - Civil Searches - Adverse Social Media and Media Searches - Plus much more.

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BlackIron Investigative Group offers document services to lawyers, law firms, companies, and private individuals in Central Alberta.  We also process service throughout Canada and USA but third party to another source.

You may courier your documents directly to our drop off zone or you may email them directly to us for quick service – saving you time (printing fees are applicable).

If your documents must be served within 24 hours, please call, email or text first to confirm the availability of our Servers. 


BlackIron Investigative Agency requires a retainer to be paid up front as per estimate/invoice including Affidavit preparation, copying and filing at the courthouse.  If we are unable to serve on the first attempt, the client will be subject to further payable fees.

All charges for the service will be deducted from your retainer, and any money not used will be refunded to you via e-Transfer. The refund will be accompanied with an itemized statement of charges.  Please be aware that from the time of Service to when you receive your final invoice, could be up to 10 business days.

We regret that we cannot provide, assistance or advice in filling out legal forms.  We are not lawyers and cannot give you legal advice.

When filling out the Investigation Request form, please provide the following information:

  1. Your name, address, and telephone number.

  2. Name of the person(s) to be served, and their address(es). This is mandatory- we cannot do a service without an address.  

  3. If you do not have an address, we can provide a locate service which is subject to additional fees and payable by client.

  4. Provide the best day, time and location to serve the Subject.

  5. The maximum number of times you would like the server to attempt service before calling you for further instructions.

  6. A list and copies of the documents you are serving on the Subject(s) - (e.g. - Plaintiff’s Claim, Statement of Claim, etc.). This information is required for the Affidavit.

  7. A photograph of the person being served, if possible. If you do not have a photograph, a general description is required.

  8. Once service is completed, you will receive an Affidavit of Service or Attempted Service.

We reserve the right at any time to cancel service regardless of timelines, when we feel that a client is acting in an unprofessional manner towards us.

Using our services means you have agreed and will abide by our terms outlined in our Engagement Agreement.




Have you ever wondered?  Who is my spouse/partner meeting with?   What happens when I am away working or what is my spouse/partner doing while they are away?  Who is he/she meeting and why?  Is your spouse/partner disingenuous and you need proof for your piece of mind?

Have you ever suspected that an employee is claiming an injury and it could be fraudulent?  Or if an employee is doing on the job misconduct, theft or fraudulence and you need evidence?

Have you ever felt suspicious that your child is bullied at school, on the way home or at a sporting event?  Or that a child or any loved one, perhaps an elderly parent or grandparent is mistreated at a care centre?

Surveillance is the monitoring of the behavior and activities of people. This can include direct observation by a covert private investigator from a distance by means of hidden and fix cameras or video camcorders.


Our Investigators are well experienced in surveillance, having conducted many operations.  Our staff is licensed and insured and we have the experience to get results in all situations!

We provide a final report with activity timeline documentation summary, date and time stamped photographs and video evidence of all of the subject activities to use as evidence in domestic, civil or criminal cases. 



Infidelity DNA Testing - STD Testing -  Substance Abuse Testing -  Paternity DNA Testing (Pre-Birth) - Prenatal Testing


DNA Profile - Ancestry and Genealogy - Relationship Testing - Sibling Testing - Food Saliva Testing


Food Poisoning Testing - Chemical Poisoning Testing - Cremains Testing


Pet Poisoning Testing - Water Contamination Testing - Plus more.

BlackIron Investigative Group - understands each scenario and has the resources

to provide testing for individuals and businesses.

Call today with your inquiry.

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